Maintenance & Finish

Overall, vinyl is tough, resistant to scratching, scuffing,
staining, indentation and other daily abuse. This durability
is especially critical in commercial settings where routine
wear and tear take their toll on floors. Vinyl floors maintain
their good looks even in heavy traffic areas.

The thickness of a vinyl floor's wearlayer is an important
element in determining its performance and ease of
maintenance. The thickness is generally measured in
mils, or thousandths of an inch. Higher-quality vinyl floors
 utilize a urethane wearlayer, for special property
enhancement, while lower-priced floors generally feature
a vinyl wearlayer to protect the underlying pattern. In
general, a urethane wearlayer makes the floor easy
to clean and more stain-resistant.

Some of the most abusive substances to any floor are
tracked-in dirt and grime, which can wear away the
surface of the floor. As with any material, proper cleaning
and maintenance are critical to the long life and beauty of
a vinyl floor.

Regular maintenance should include daily sweeping or
dust-mopping, as removal of gritty dirt is extremely
important. Floors should be damp-mopped with a neutral
detergent. Spills should be wiped up before they dry with
a clean white cloth dampened with warm water. To control
tracked-in dirt, grit or stains from asphalt and oil in
driveways, non-staining doormats should be placed a
entrances. (Some rubber or foam-backed doormats can
cause surface staining.)


Urethane finish means this sheet vinyl flooring resists
scuffing  better and lasts longer with less maintenance.

  • SuperGuard Stain Shield for ultimate stain, scuff and scratch resistance and ease of maintenance/easy to clean
  • QuickClean wear layer repels dirt and grime and resists cuts, dents, scrapes and scratches
  • Moisture and mildew-resistant
  • Flexible and dimensionally stable; lays flat with no expansion, contraction, cracking or curling

  • It needs only minimal vacuuming and an hot water with a neutral cleaner wash to
    keep it looking like new. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are awesome for scuffs!

    Cleaning Note: Our Checkered vinyl floors are made to be “no-wax", "no-buff".
    Once the floor has contracted into its final position, all you have to do is damp mop with hot water and a neutral cleaner.  Google NEUTRAL CLEANERS for brands near you.
    A great product we love to use for scuff marks is MR. CLEAN MAGIC ERASERS.
    You just dampen the sponge, and wipe away marks.  Works great on tire scuffs, shoe scuffs, and or oil/rust that has not set for long periods of time.

    Caution:  Vinyl floors can be slippery when wet.  Use extreme caution when walking on a wet floor.