Elegant Sophistication….Not your dads garage floor!~

The elegant sophistication is breathtaking….











Photo taken as inspiration from :


Photo credit: IKEA kitchens

Written by Michele Craft — May 09, 2014

DINERS = Retro fun!

Some fun inspirational diner fun...





Written by Michele Craft — May 09, 2014

Tattoo Shops… CHECK it out….

Love finding inspirational photos for cool tattoo shops using checkered flooring!  











Written by Michele Craft — May 09, 2014

Checkered...BABY LOVE…..

Gorgeous customer Erin's baby nursery!  Thanks Jerry and Erin for such great pics!  CONGRATS on baby Cash! 




Written by Michele Craft — May 09, 2014

Formulation Change!

Please note we have had a formulation change in this flooring in the past few months.  If you are re-ordering to match flooring you ordered from a previous time, please note they will not perfectly match in texture.  Please order a sample to ensure you are receiving the exact product you need.  

Written by Michele Craft — March 19, 2014

Design Foundry's JCPenney's runway fashion show

Thank you Cory Frank of DESIGN FOUNDRY in Hyattsville, MD for these great shots of our flooring at your JCP fashion show event!!  If anyone needs amazing set/event design in the Washington DC area hit them up!  240.264.1061 or like them on FB!





Written by Michele Craft — May 01, 2013

Great flooring idea concepts for all rooms of your home!

Here are some great shots of our flooring super-imposed in different rooms of the home for some inspiration....Some of the squares had to be stretched a bit to fit in the rooms, but the square pattern is 9" for reference.. Enjoy ~ Michele

Written by Michele Craft — November 14, 2012

Retro RV's and checkered flooring!

 How cool are these retro RV makeovers?! 

pics shared from blog:

Written by Michele Craft — June 28, 2012